Frequently Asked Questions

1I do not have a domain name. What do I do?
No worries, we can help register a domain for you.
2Am I locked into a plan?
No, you are free to join and walk away anytime. There is no contract or commitment. You can cancel any time without penalty.
3What if I cancel the subscription but I want keep my website?
We can handover the website that we design for you at a nominal fee. Contact us for more information.
4Do you offer refund?
At the moment, we do not have a refund policy.
5How do I cancel?
Call us at 416.477.1123 or email at hello@marketingrow.com to cancel anytime.
6What happens to my website when I cancel?
We park the website in our archived files for 60 days so that in case you choose to comeback to us we can resume things rightaway. After 60 days we permanently delete the files.